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Thomas Bend

The Military Library, Campo San Martino

The Venetian Arsenal continues to experience a process of regeneration as the historic military complex is transformed into a centre for cultural and scientific institutions. The full potential remains unrealised however, with pedestrian permeability providing a particular challenge to Venetian authorities. A recognition of a number of opportunities for new connections provided a starting point for the project, with a site adjacent to Campo San Martino selected for particular consideration. Combining new construction and building reuse, the project for a military library was informed by the existing programmes of the site, and primarily concerned with the spatial experience of the historic city. A strategy for intervention was therefore informed by an extensive analysis of the historically dynamic nature of the urban form, seeking to successfully integrate a contemporary building and pedestrian route with the historic environment.

Tags: Adaptive Reuse, Architecture, Contextual Design, Continuity In Architecture, Library, Museum, Urbanism, Venice

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