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Tori Cain

Battling through the city streets on a morbid Monday morning, I realised a constant race against time had somehow moulded itself into my daily routine. Inspired by the natural hustle and bustle of my surroundings, I wondered if people were fully aware of this fast paced culture they had become accustomed to. I liken city living to a rollercoaster that never slows down, its never kind enough to make a sudden stop. Pressure and lack of time is a fact of life, slowing down is not a positive option and so we are thrown into this robotic attitude of constant continuation. I imagined an urban space which allowed time to freeze for a moment so that people of the city could finally pause and have complete escapism without carrying the burden of wasting time. A chaotic environment would learn to breathe and re focus a clustered mind, before returning to the rules of the clock in what is now a very competitive world. And what better location for a space like this, than within a routine obsessed society dictated by time.  

Tags: Boost, Contemplation, Escapism, Expressive, Extraction, Focus, Handmade, Hydration, Innovative, Laserengraved, Subterranean, Texture, Time, Wood

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