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Ursula Rose Rae

With an experimental approach to material, surface and environment manipulation, I explore the possibilities of textiles within alternative design contexts.

Intrigued by the environments that surround us in the everyday, that are constructed around us, and engulf the spaces we inhabit, I have become aware of the sterile, impersonal spaces they can so often create. In response to this, my practice explores the re-enchantment of environments through the creation of immersive, architecturally scaled design.

My practice is focused strongly on the exploration of tactile material manipulation. This combined with experimentations in surface design through screen print, projected image and varying light qualities, create sculptural forms that interact with their surrounding space.  Through surface quality and three-dimensional form, I aim to create works that impact upon surrounding space and create seemingly imaginative and experiential environments.

Tags: Architectural, Embroidery, Iridescence, Material Manipulation, Pavillion, Space, Structural, Tactile

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