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Victoria Young-Jamieson

We view the effects of light more than we view light itself.

I am influenced and inspired by the reactions of light in my surrounding environment.  I observe the way the light interferes with objects and surfaces as it becomes layered, reflected and distorted through the hindering structures, objects and materials in a space.

My practice involves documenting these reactions with photography. I don’t confine myself to one process, but find excitement in experimenting with the challenges of a new material and overlapping it with previous used techniques. I develop my images into moving visuals and translate the ideas and concepts into installation forms. 

I experiment with colour and intervene with natural and artificial light sources. Aiming to create sensory environments where surfaces and spaces become immersed with moving shadows, colours and shapes.

My installations are usually site-specific, as I am interested in how the surrounding light, structures and materials of architecture interact within the piece.

Tags: Acrylic, Colour, Fashion Film, Film, Installation, Light, Perspex, Phototography, Sculpture, Set Design

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