Amy Quinn

Three Dimensional Design

Fire & Ice

Glass as a material entices me due to the manipulative qualities that it has when in liquid form and the strength and tactility that it holds when solid. These qualities can also be found within nature – in the form of liquid water to solid ice and molten lava to solid rock.

When travelling through Iceland - the country that is known as ‘the land of ice and fire’ - last year, I became inspired by the ever-changing landscape. The similarity in the material qualities that the smooth glaciers and floating icebergs of Jökulsárlón had with glass was astounding. The way in which the clear, blue ice contrasted against the rugged Icelandic terrain inspired me to create my current body of work.

The concrete bases characterise the vast volcanic landscape, sat on top of these bases are the blown-glass counterparts. Whilst juxtaposing against each other in materials, the two parts fit perfectly together, much like the contrasting environmental extremes of Iceland – fire and ice.

Tags: Concrete, Glass, Glass Blowing, Sculpture, Vessel

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