Anne Lister

Creative Practice

Anne is a multi-disciplinary artist whose concerns include light, colour and the materiality of materials. Anne’s work is rooted in art history, is conceptual and often playful.

Ancient and Modern is a series of works :

a)   53° 28' 17'' N 2° 15' 45'' W
Installation. Media: charcoal on paper, plaster casts, painted metal

The drawings were made using the traditional “sight sized” technique: in juxtaposition with the plaster casts they question both perception and meaning. The GPS reference is the position where I stood for the months of drawing. The colours  are a playful reference to the Chapel of Cornaro, Rome, where the Bernini's St Theresa statue resides.

b)   "Trudy Confused's Family outing" video 1 min 30 

An alter ego tale of Victorian and Edwardian cross dressing and transgenderism, which was then a criminal act. The images include Madam Patterini and Lili Elbe

c)    Anne Lister me fecit:   Performance

d)    Oil on Canvas:   A deconstructed oil painting. Flemish painters such as Jan Van Eyk used lavender spike oil rather than turps for their paintings. This work recreates some of the smell of an ancient studio.

Anne's work is in MMU special collections; she has a licence with Google for one of her video clips;

International screenings of her videos with The Punta y Raya festival at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid in 2011 and in the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) in 2012.

Tags: Colour, Conceptual, Drawing, Fineart, Installation, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Video

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