Ashleigh Moloney

Three Dimensional Design


Deep rooted into my psyche, astronomy and the exploration of space has inspired my path through life. What once steered me towards a career in astronomy, now inspires my designs with an honest passion. With influences from both the night sky and the apparatus used in its observation, my pieces display kinetic aesthetics to the high end market.

Material focus is on gold plated brass, capturing the original components of orreries and telescopes found in early astronomy. Stone setting of a precious emerald into the kinetic aspect of the ring considers an orbiting planet and how the user may interact with this. Taking a minimalist approach to grandeur, the collection is to be looked on with the same curiosity as for the night skies.

Tags: Design, Fashion, Gold, Jewellery, Kinetic, Lapel Pin, Necklace, Ring, Wearable

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