Bethan Williams

Textiles in Practice

As a Textile Designer, I am fascinated with experieminting and exploring with uncoventional materials. How fabrics can be mainpluated to change the surface, colour, texture and shape to create 3dimenonal forms. 

I have explored the concept of form and the body. Resulting in a range of structured oversized samples using a vairty of different materials such as plastic with foams, scuba with bath matts and each smaple has been carfully stuffed with coloured foams, or spray painted polostryne balls to create volume and structure. I have used forms as a metaphor for the body, with fashion as the contect in which they can be represented.

I am also interested in exploring trends and future thinking, which could influence my textiles. Finding Different freelance opportunities, whilst ganing valubale experience in the industry through internships.

Tags: Colour, Form, Structure, Textile Design, Unconventional Materials, Volume

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