Bethany Baker

Graphic Design

I am strongly influenced by colour, Scandinavian Design and over looked details in new locations. When working on a project I like to pride myself in the colour palettes I use and enjoy the feeling of not knowing where my design taste will take me next.

Editorial design; design for print, social media and branding & identity are a few of the many areas I’d like to specialise in. A new area of interest for me is web design as I feel taking a project off paper and onto the screen can take your designs to places you didn’t think they could go. I have always been interested in dabbling in a bit of everything and I feel my work demonstrates my desire to want to carry on broadening my skillset.

Tags: Bookbinding, Branding, Colourful, Craft, Digital, Editorial Design, Identity, Publication, Risograph, Scandinavian, Screenprint, Simple, Web Design

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