Bethany Knapper


Bethany’s work consists of a series of performances that explore the relationship between photography, memory and emotion. Distorting photographs and other objects associated with recording memory, she takes inspiration from ancient Greek medicinal practice; specifically Hippocrates’ reference to melancholy. Melancholy was thought to be a medical condition caused by black bile, Bethany represents the bile through the use of black liquid in each of the performances, which also connotes to feelings of grief and mourning, in reference to Freud’s ‘Mourning and Melancholia’; in which he describes melancholy as grieving a non-physical loss. She suggests that when indulging in nostalgia and looking to the past through imagery we feel melancholic as we mourn the loss of time, and grieve for the multiple ‘deaths’ that occur within an individual photograph.

Tags: Album, Bile, Black, Death, Destroy, Distort, Distortion, Family, Family Photographs, Found Imagery, Liquid, Melancholia, Melancholiy, Memory, Mourning, Nostalgia, Photographs, Photography, Time

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