Bethany Turner

Textiles in Practice

As a Textiles artist specialising in knit, I am fascinated by materials that create structure and challenge the conventions of knitted textiles. My work explores in-depth concepts surrounding human interaction with the environment, exploring pollution, globalisation, consumerism and contamination. Sourcing materials and extending their life has become a large part of my practice, incorporating these to create contemporary installation and 3D sculpture.

Exploring the contrast between soft and solid materials and the effects of ageing over time has allowed the development of films recording the changing state of the materials. Considering these materials alongside the body allows me to explore restriction and movement within my concept, exploring suffocation and contraction. As a keen photographer, photography and films challenge concepts and develop and explore narrative.

I envisage my passion for these concepts to continue post-graduation, alongside expanding my interest in public engagement with art.

Tags: Contemporary Textiles, Environment, Film, Knit, Material Exploration, Photography, Textiles Art, Urban

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