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A virtual ride began with a fascination of my own to create playful riveting experiences whereby an audience can take part and engage in activity, the user and their experience. Formerly making interactive sculptures, installations, technologies and interfaces. I wanted to explore a new current and immersive medium, so I chose to explore Virtual Reality conceptually and physically.

A Virtual Ride invites a participant to don a Virtual Reality headset, once placed in the virtual world they will be transported to a scene of a road and a model bike, as the user approaches the model and feels for what they think is a virtual bike, they will then be presented with a physical bike. They can mount the bike, start to pedal and navigate through the virtual scene, with the scaling and the physics of the virtual and real world in sync, this simulation creates an immersive and astonishing experience.

Special thanks to

- Sam Li

- John,Vin and Andy at Clicks+Links

- Cityverve

- Hayley Walsh

Tags: Art, Bike, Bmx, Cycle, Exiting, Experience, Immersive, Installation, Virtual Reality, Vr

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