Charlotte Dwyer

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“Camp 4 was a dirty filthy mudhole, but it was paradise… we were in Utopia, we were basically the kings of Utopia”- Dean Fidelman, member of the Stonemasters, referencing the group's base camp.

I am a textile designer, and specialise in digital print. As a lover of the great outdoors, my inspiration comes predominantly from places I’ve climbed, therefore my work primarily focuses on outdoor inspired prints, gravitating towards mountain ranges and floral undertones with a playful element throughout.

This body of work was inspired by the Stonemasters, a group of climbers who camped in Yosemite’s grounds during the 70’s, running on adrenaline and unattainable ambition, they pushed the boundaries of climbing. To commemorate their lifestyle, I’ve designed a range of print’s, tailored to tents and camping equipment, targeted towards the current bohemian climbing generation, merging style and camping into one.

Tags: Camping, Digital, Floral, Mountain Range, Outdoor, Patchwork, Tent, Waterproof

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