Chloe Hall-Luke

Textiles in Practice

I am a printed textiles designer who works towards an interior and home-ware context. I gather most of my visual research from nature, interpreting unique mark making and colours into botanical and floral prints.

The project ‘Midnight Blooms’ pairs bold florals with dark backgrounds giving the project a moody feel, whilst also trying to give a more contemporary take on the 18th century Dutch paintings the project is inspired by. I wanted the project to focus on the flowers I have created using striking, painterly brush marks and the interesting mix of colours I could produce when brushing two colours on the page at once. My final collection comprises of a collection of wallpaper and cushion designs.

After work experience at Standfast & Barracks, my aim is to design prints for a company specialising in interior designs.

Tags: Botanical, Design, Florals, Flowers, Homeware, Interiors, Leaves, Pattern, Print, Surface, Wallpaper

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