Christopher Hands

Three Dimensional Design

As an aspiring designer with a passion for furniture, my work produced has been based around creating functional, usable frunitrue, that embodies a vibrant and contmeporary aesethetic.

Featuring two projects that embodied the same ehtos I also looked to develop a new skill set and working understanding of metalwork in response to furniture as well as a professional level of outcome in the quality of work produced.

Throughout these projects my approach has been mainly CAD based from the creation of the the design through to the final developments, along with testing materials and process early on. However one of the projects I made myslef the other has been fabricated, giving me a great insight into how I may choose to work in my future practice through subcontrancting, as well as starting to building professional conections beyond university.

Tags: Bar, Cad, Contemporary, Designer, Metal, Prodction, Professional, Sheet, Vibrant

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