Claudia Vinter

Textiles in Practice

I am a textiles designer specialising in creating knitted fabrics for mid end womenswear. I am very experimental within my practice, and specialising in knit has allowed me to explore constructing fabrics and bringing in new materials such as cords, ropes and metal rings through a range of techniques such as inlay and lace holes which have allowed me to integrate these elements.

Throughout the year my work has focussed on the manipulation of knitted pieces once off the machine through knotting and experimenting with different ways of attaching knitted panels together. Through creating my own fastenings using mixed media, I have been able to push the boundaries of knit. Creating simple silhouettes for my garments has enabled me to be more experimental with the way they can be manipulated using the interchangeable attachments. This has allowed me to style my garments in different ways by having them oversized, or pulled in at the waist as well as being able to transform the looks by the innovation of my own fastenings.

Tags: Fashion, Function, Knit, Knitwear, Mixed Media

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