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Never a Straight Answer

Through photography we can experience things that we would otherwise never be able to. Photography has a capacity to transport us to another time and place, through the photographs of the Apollo missions we can leave our own planet and gaze out over foreign landscapes. Looking back at ourselves within the vastness of space challenges our sense of scale and what can be contained within a photograph.

This project explores the way that there are accessible aspects to scientific imagery, that allow us to break down the barriers between seeing and understanding. Observing the individual images used in the mapping process’, and how they fit together. This demonstrates how they are but a piece of a much larger document. By presenting the photographs in numerical order we glimpse the methods used in their production.

Tags: 2017, Apollo, Apollo 11, Apollo Missions, Appropriation, Art, Art Meets Science, Art Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Autonomous, Autonomus, B&w, Believing, Black And White, Book Binding, Book Making, Butter Space, Buzz Aldrin, Bw, Camera Less, Cameraless, Contemporary, Cosmos, Documentary, Documents, Evidence, Exhibition, Film, Gallery, Graduate, Grid, Grids, Grovenor, Hand Mounted, Hasselblad, High Definition, Holden, Image Appropriation, Installation, Large Format, Large Format Prints, Large Prints, London, Luna, Lunar, Manchester, Mapping, Mercury, Messenger, Mmu, Moon, Moon Landing, Nasa, Never A Straight Answer, Pale Blue Dot, Photographer, Photography, Physics, Pieces, Post, Post Silver, Presentation, Prints, Proof, Science, Scientific, Scientific Imagery, Solar, Solar System, Space, Star, Stars, Sun, System, Systematic, The Post Silver, Universe, Vertical Gallery, Void, Wall Hangings

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