Elena Hohl

Fine Art and Art History

The main part of my practice consists of an ongoing series of quite large works called ‘Walls’. Formally they have similarities in shape and medium, and have been arrived at through a ‘making’ that is process-led. These ‘Walls’ are 3-Dimensional decorated structures sitting on the border in-between painting and sculpture. We could associate them with the expanded field genre. My practice is concerned with discourses of human-ness and belonging and questions the relationship between human activities, other species and the Earth. 

Further, my practice could be associated with artists that explore the materiality connecting it to shamanism and alchemy, such Joseph Beuys, Yves Klein and Eva Hesse. 

For more images of the 'Walls' series with details, check out my website's portfolio in the links below. 

Tags: Animal, Expanded Field, Humanness, Mixed Media, Naturalistic, Organic, Painting, Sculpture, Shamanism, Spiritual

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