Ellen Moss

Fine Art

The 'gaze' has been a ubiquitous theme throughout my work, and how the 'self' is performed under its pressure. Using performance and video, I am creating an ongoing exploration as to how performing to and confronting the gaze influences how the body is percieved, particuarly as a woman. I relate back to classical painting's to see how the once 'passive woman' may become talking, and also how it is important for women to explore and proudly display their sexuality. I also ivestigate how important it is to identify vulnerability in men and how personal space can nurture this. Group performance is another one of my mediums in working, as I like to explore how the 'self' is performed within a group of many, and how the presumption and reality of a situation may work together.

Tags: Classical, Gaze, Performance, Sexuality, Time-based, Venus, Voyeurism, Vulnerability, Women

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