Ellie Green

Three Dimensional Design

Digitally Crafted

My work has been focused on the concept of digital craft, bringing together craft and digital technologies and fusing the two elements to provide the best of both worlds. It promotes the use of shared knowledge and skills, and centres itself on a reflective engagement process with the material and manufacturing world. Utilizing our knowledge of handicraft and combining it with the capabilities of the digital technologies available today results in outcomes that could not have been achieved by one alone.

My pieces are designed using computer software that enables the 3D forms to be manipulated on screen, digitally sculpting each wooden element complete with internal jointing details for assembly. Utilising CNC production processes, the vases I create are manufactured by the machine, carving the curvaceous bodies out of solid wood and then assembled by hand to form my digitally crafted collection.

Tags: 3d, Cad, Cam, Cnc, Design, Designer Maker, Digital Craft, Digitally Crafted, Jelutong, Plastidip, Solidworks, Three Dimensional Design, Vases, Wonkyvases, Wood, Woodwork

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