Emily Ann Watts

Textiles in Practice

I specialise in weave, focusing on passementerie style trimmings for fashion and furnishings. I combine the weaving process with crochet techniques to manipulate the structure and encrust the surface of my woven pieces from within.

Alexander McQueen has been an influential feature throughout my artistic journey. His work has encouraged me to explore the unconventional and darker aspects of beauty, using unconventional materials. I focus on elements not typically regarded as beautiful, inspired by mundane life endurances and micro life. These are often overlooked and considered undesirable encounters, such as dismal journey’s home, moss growths and insects. I want to capture an essence of beauty in ugliness, and challenge the viewer’s own perception of what they find beautiful.

Tags: Beauty, Crochet, Digital Print, Fashion, Textiles, Weave, Woven, Yarn

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