Emma Davies

Creative Multimedia

I came up with the concept for my app, 'Buskify' after researching into Manchester's popular music culture, and then decided to focus on something more niche and untouched in the digital world, busking. 

During my creative process, I used a combination of UX design, graphic design, and filming to create my finished mobile application. If it wasn't for user testing, my app would not look or function as well as it does, and is why UX design is so important to me. 

Buskify allows users to 'check-in' with buskers when within their hotspot location, offering them rewards such as free gig tickets or songs for supporting. Users can also upload videos to earn badges, creating incentive for them to use the app, whilst at the same time creating online publicity for Manchester's unknown musical talent. 

Tags: App Design, Busking, Graphic Design, Interaction, Music, Social Media, Ux Design

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