Emma Wilkins


My practice involves a process of making that focuses on the materiality, and the tactile, fallible nature of celluloid and its relationship with the human body. This relationship is steeped in notions of alchemy, and forms the basis of my enquiry and experimentations. I perform interactions with film that incorporate bodily products and fluids. This interaction is an intentional exploration of notions of abjection, and the process of making is homage to the transgressive literary works by the likes of Bataille and Rimbaud. I attempt to navigate notions of vulgarity and censorship, by creating visual presentations of the streamings of the body’s mind, mediated by the filmstrip.

Tags: 16mm, Analog, Analogue, Celluloid, Cine, Cine Film, Cinefilm, Film, Moving Image, Sculptural, Sculpture, Super 8, Super 8mm, Super8, Transgression, Transgressive

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