Eve Bridges

Illustration with Animation

My practice involves the blending together of different mediums and ways of working to produce experimental outcomes. I like to work digitally and by hand, still and moving. Ceramic outcomes feature heavily in my work as an interesting output for final pieces and experimental designs.

Most of my work is concerned with family, loss and memories.  My practice centres on capturing the emotions I have experienced and others have shared with me.  

Figures, bereft of any expression or facial features, are used to represent members of my family. The outline of a person is symbolic of how little I remember of them. Experimenting with photographs is also an integral part of my practice. Working on top of old photos, an extremely emotive collection of memories for most people, or incorporating them into a piece of work is something I enjoy exploring. I convey the effect loss has on memories over time by skewing the memories captured in a picture.

Often, my work is inspired by a collection. Whether it’s a collection of family photographs in a dusty loft or a room full of Churchill memorabilia, I love to have a rummage and find imagery or snippets of information to work alongside. I also like to use the aesthetic of collections within my own work, making boxes of ceramics or artist books. 

Tags: Animation, Art, Ceramics, Illustration

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