Florence Levene

Three Dimensional Design

For me, what is of most importance within design is its impact and connection with the user or viewer. Most of my work focuses on using objects to explore social concepts, going beyond the creation of a physical object or piece; producing an experience through the marriage of objects and space. The creation of installations combines my two passions within design and psychology.

I also have a strong interest in using installation as a facilitated experience in supporting individuals to enhance their emotional and physical well-being and social connection. 

Inner-Space was developed to explore the potential of my personal philosophy. The format of creating a simple structure, which allows for the visitor to feel safe and private. The design of the structure encourages the visitor to pay great attention to the detailing, and inspire as to how this mind-set can be translated to our everyday lives.

The purpose of Inner-Space is to combine concepts within Mindfulness practice with installation, in supporting us to come into a more aware and healthy relationship with our thoughts, emotions and sensations. 

 The Inner-Space meditation stool was developed to work inside the   structure as a multi-functional object, which allows the body to be supported in a range of meditation positions. It also works as a stand-alone product, which appeals to those interested in meditation practice.

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