Florence Pinsent

Textiles in Practice

Drawing is marvellous.

Drawing is essential to my practice and I have used it to translate, explore and digest things that have happened in my life, however boring or mundane. I have taken inspiration from everyday events and situations and focused in on their details. Playing with composition, combinations and colours, I have tried to develop the flat drawings into textiles, with print and quilting.

“My conservatory” which began the interest in ‘the everyday’ developed from a documentation of how my conservatory changed throughout different seasons. I found through the drawing process, an opportunity to reflect on the past, the future and the parts in-between and make connection- the key to my practice and evident through my drawings.

Key themes in my work are colour, pattern, composition and drawing.

Future intentions? I see a future as a time for adult choices.

Tags: Colourful, Colours, Composisition, Contemporary, Design, Digitalprint, Drawing, Embroidery, Fabric, Illustration, Pattern, Quilting, Quilts

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