George Mackellar

Architecture BA

In the final year of my Architecture degree, I designed a brewery under the guidance of my atelier, Continuity in Architecture:

The Hop-On Brewery is a craft beer brewery which functions on a symbiotic relationship, wherein the built fabric facilitates the brewing process, and the brewing process brings life to the building. Each part of the brewing process is stacked, starting from the top. This floor arrangement minimises the work done against gravity, and introduces a flow downwards within the building, both for the beer and the people. As an extension of the station platform, Hop-On Brewery creates a new, accessible hub for the Transpennine Real Ale Trail, which is a by-train pub crawl across Yorkshire.

Tags: Architecture, Autocad, Brewery, Cia, Context, Craft, Illustrator, Industrial, Model, Oxford Road, Photoshop, Sketchup, Train Station

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