Georgina Collings

Three Dimensional Design

Researching into the sentimentality of jewellery brought up a theme that really resonated with me. This topic opened up conversations with my own family and I was introduced to a 1920’s Art Deco Rolex watch belonging to my Great-Grandmother Florence. My ancestry, and the sentimentality behind the Rolex was the whole motivation behind this collection of bespoke jewellery boxes, and generated a personal narrative to encourage the design and making process, drawing inspiration from the Art Deco period in which my Great-Grandmother grew up in. My objective throughout the project was to convey the concept of luxury through my boxes, stemming from the luxury of the Rolex itself, informing material choices such as brass – however also using laser cutting to form a contemporary style of work. Making variations of the jewellery box was important to me, indicating how they could be customised with small alterations depending on function or individual preference.

Tags: Art Deco, Box, Brass, Jewellery, Jewellery Box, Laser Cut, Watch, Wood

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