Grace Igoe

Three Dimensional Design

Inside, Outside, Upside down

As a ceramicist, my practice aims to communicate and show awareness about the autistic condition through exploring common traits and behaviours, such as difficulty expressing emotion, struggling managing changes and a strong sense of not fitting within self or society. These issues are expressed through ideas of fragmentation, fracturing and dilemmas associated with touch and handling.

The head form and facial features are explored as a vehicle for expression as this is the part of the body that tells us the most about an individual’s mood, personality, and state of mind. The use and application of colour, pattern and surface treatment reinforces these ideas.

Everyone might recognise some of these characteristics, so although coming from an autistic perspective I aim to challenge perceptions, leading towards a better understanding of the autistic condition translating visually, physically, and emotionally through engagement with my work.

Tags: Autism, Ceramics, Colour, Facial Features

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