Hope McCall

Textiles in Practice

As a multidisciplinary creative, my practice consists of creating trend driven concepts, styling/art direction and challenging the traditional process of digital print.

For my final year at university I have created a trend publication, including the three future trends 'Structural Viscosity', 'Hyperreality' and 'Regeneration'; which I have envisioned by researching and exploring the everyday around me. Corresponding to each trend, I enjoy exploring unconventional materials to create innovative material and three-dimensional samples. From my samples and own photography I create bold graphical digital prints, which have a strong sense of colour and complex design.

I have taken a keen interest in set design, which I have experimented with over the past three years, styling and directing multiple photo shoots to help realise my trend and digital print collections through my context of fashion.

I am a passionate, highly motivated and driven individual who takes inspiration from evolving patterns and my everyday surroundings. After graduation I want to continue my own exploration of trend forecasting, whilst taking on internship roles and possible job opportunities within the fashion industry.

Tags: Art Direction, Digital Print, Styling, Trend Forecasting

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