Jahday Ford

Three Dimensional Design

My practice is primarily inspired by deconstructive and architectural formations. Using the collective processes of digital software, water-jet cutting and blown glass, I am able to apply these structural figures directly onto the surface of the glass during its semi-fluid state. The instant compression of the glass against the metal mould imprints its outer membrane with incredibly distinct detail. As I begin to adapt its form during the cold-working stage, I focus on exposing further voids in geometrical shaping by cutting particular sections at various angles. 

Although the moulding process drastically changes the behavior of glass, its symmetrical lining begins to reveal its evolution from a 2-dimensional format. This methodology allows me to express unusual forms to precise detail on every object, a process not possible by traditional hand-made techniques. 

Tags: Architecture, Digital Design, Geometry, Glassblowing, Metal Moulding, Sculpture, Tableware

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