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Always loud, always brash, never apologetic; self-proclaimed ‘queer tack your nan would like’, my practice is articulated by interests in culture, society, and semiotics, and underpinned by my exploration of the relationship between illustration and 'fabric'.  Through juvenile drawing, I aim to navigate through the confusing and sometimes terrifying modern experience, challenging assumed notions of culture and masculinity in a playful way, whilst also exploring how drawing can leave the page and inhabit a space.

My practice as a textile artist employs the use of digital and hand embroidery, painting and assemblage to  question the relationship between hand and machine, craft and digital, public and private, tradition and unorthodox.

‘If You’re Looking for a Parade, You’ve Come To the Right Place…’, 2017 draws from social media, queer vernacular, and personal experience to stitch together real and imagined narratives to subvert elements of Northern Irish tradition, morphing two seemingly polarised corners of culture.

In this ‘masc 4 masc’ society, I want to question, how do we construct the self in our ‘online’ and ‘offline’ landscapes?

How much of ourselves are we willing to parade?  

Tags: Collage, Colour, Costume, Embroidery, Fine-art-textiles, Installation, Mixed-media, Parades, Queer, Semiotics, Tradition

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