Joseph Hillary

Three Dimensional Design

Craft is arguably no longer defined by disciplines or materials and now operates in a hybrid space, between individual authorship and mass production. As a modern-day craftsman, I have explored craft with industry, by blending digital manufacturing and hand printing techniques, to create a piece of furniture that is both individual and highly functional. Being very interested in sustainable design, I believe that to overcome our obsession with the new, we need to create beautiful objects that we can own and enjoy for a lifetime. ‘Miss Marble’ is a CNC routed side table, with a completely unique hand marble printed top surface that can also be easily disassembled for flexibility in our ever-nomadic lifestyles. It’s a piece that can be readily produced by local makers yet is still full of value and emotional depth to attach to. 

Tags: Cnc Routed Furniture, Furniture Design, Marble Print, Sustainability

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