Kate Byrne

Illustration with Animation

I am an illustrator, printmaker and crafts person, which means that although I mainly work in ink, charcoal, pencil and gouache I regularly turn my hand to 3D work, lino printing, and free stitch illustration.

One of my great strengths is my love of research, I work very heavily in sketchbooks, which travel everywhere with me. Recent research included spending a day on the roof of Manchester Cathedral working with and photographing the churches bees and bee keeper. Often wildlife even comes home with me, a local chef regularly delivers dead game birds for me to paint and draw.

Recurrent themes within my work are natural history, mental health issues and museum collections. 

Recently my interest has turned to the area of children's book illustration, particularly concentrating on themes not often explored, such as the important subject of children's mental health, in particular the issue of social anxiety. 

Tags: Charcoal, Childrens Books, Collections, Free Stitch, Gouache, Illustrator, Ink, Kidlit, Linocut, Mental Health, Museums, Natural History

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