Kelsey Dixon

Textiles in Practice

The landscape is a constant source of inspiration in my work, I am constantly being drawn to the shapes and forms found within. My approach is often abstract inspired by the interesting shapes. Working from direct observation I produce a series of drawings which focus on specific aspects of the landscapes. Responding to the shapes and surface textures to produce visually exciting compositions which are developed through Photoshop to produce a range of design solutions both on paper and fabric for interior homeware products, stationary and giftware. I enjoy creating print designs which have a playful graphic style exploring the use of bold colour palettes and shapes, which I feel working across paper and fabric allows me to explore further.

My future intention is to gain experience within the print design industry, designing for interior or stationary products.

Tags: Abstract, Colourful, Digital Print, Giftware, Interior, Risograph, Screen Print, Stationary

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