Kerry Dragon

Master of Architecture MArch

Cronic homelessness is an issue currently affecting Manchester and the UK on a whole. My project focuses on creating a new system for reducing homelessness within the city centre of Manchester. More specifially this project highlights the needed for reintroducing supported accommodation within the city centre for the most neglected group: homeless adult males with comlex social needs (drug addicition, mental health issues and alcohol abuse). By creating a 3 stage recovery program this project aims to break the cycle of homelessness and move away from the '3 sticks and out' policy  of most shelters in the UK. The main building developed is Stage 2 of the program which extends the day support of the exisiting Booth Centre near stangeways to include night support and specialised drug, mental health and alcohol rehabilitation services. 

Tags: Architecture, Homeless Urban Design, Manchester Spatial Agent, Social Sustainability

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