Lily Smith

Textiles in Practice

I am a textile print designer focusing on women’s wear. I like to push the boundaries with scale and placement to create fun and exciting prints. Inspired by hand painted imperfections, I develop my designs from my original large scale ink paintings. I combine shapes and lines through collage to create exciting and striking combinations of motifs. I take strong influence from my surroundings and merge these observations with existing trends and styles to invent fresh and innovative ideas.

The inspiration for my degree show collection was industrial machinery and its key role in everyday life. My concept was to juxtapose the machinery, which is typically very masculine into highly feminine print designs using a bright and colourful colour pallet. I wanted to recreate the intricacy of the machinery I documented to add depth to my prints through embellishment. 

Leaving university i aim to continue designing prints for a fashion context. My ambition is to work in the fashion industry generating fresh and new ideas for the fashion market.

Tags: Digital, Fashion, Print, Textiles

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