Lucy Burgess

Textiles in Practice

I am a printed textile designer for a high-end interiors context. I create designs from my own hand drawn artwork.

My current project ‘British Exotic’,  focuses on the various exotic flora and fauna brought to Britain by notable explorers, particularly in the Victorian period of exploration and opulence.

With reference to vintage botanical art and historic textiles and patterns, I have been able to combine my interest in history together with my interest in the various patterns, lines and forms found in nature.

I have been particularly drawn to more unusual plants with repeating elements within their structure, such as the Ferns and Monkey Puzzle tree which create a more striking, contemporary design.

My future aspirations after graduation are to work in the print design industry for an interior context, where I can continue to design through my hand drawn work.

The fabrics have been printed by Lacuna Press

Tags: Design, Digital Print, Painting, Print, Print Design, Repeat Design, Textiles

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