Lyndsey Wilson

Illustration with Animation

My work mainly revolves around fantasy based narratives, currently focusing heavily on Fairy tales and Folklore as well as Mythology. For my final project i created childrens book narrative spreads about both Little Red Riding Hood and the Russian fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful. All my images are created through delicate hand painted mark making, before using computer manipulation to edit in the characters or tonal areas. Another one of my projects was a short concertina book, about The Wild Hunt. a folkloric tale of a wild hoarde rampaging through the skies stealing away lost souls to the faerie kingdom. I'm interested in a diverse range of subjects but I always tend to come back to literature and narratives. 

Tags: Baba Yaga, Book Illustration, Character Design, Character Illustartion, Childrens Book, Childrens Book Illustration, Computer Manipulation, Fairy Stories, Fairy Tale, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Folklore, Gouache, Ink, Landscape, Little Red Riding Hood, Mark Making, Mix Media, Mythology, Narrative, Paint, Painting, Red Riding Hood, Russian Fairy Tales, Scenery, Stories, The Wild Hunt, Vasilisa The Beautiful, Wild Hunt

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