Marged Owain

Three Dimensional Design

My work commemorates and celebrates traditional Welsh craftsmanship, specifically the craft of the butter maker and the quarryman. Both employ the traditional method of carving within their work, and this has influenced the materials and processes I use, and the visual symbolism evident within my work.

This collection consists of objects with potential for use and contemplation. I aim to communicate craft as an emblem of Welsh heritage, identity and culture and this underlying narrative is at the core of my practice as a maker. This narrative is implied through careful selection and juxtaposition of materials; grass referencing back to the agricultural background of butter making, wood representing old wood turning traditions, glass and thread as a symbol of the fragile existence of such historic crafts within contemporary culture. More than tools and utensils these are vehicles to reflect upon diminishing crafts, and highlight that these historic traditions are slowly deteriorating

Tags: Ceramic, Craft, Glass, Skills, Traditional, Utensils, Welsh, Wood

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