Molly Woodward-Moor

Interior Design

Over my final year at MSOA, I dedicated the entire year’s projects to studying the relationship between design and the visually impaired. I am fascinated how design, something that is predominantly visual, can be experienced by those who observe the world through other senses, and the impact that proper/improper environmental design has on their lives.

My final major project "Blindspot" addresses and challenges the position of blind and visually impaired people within modern society.

With 3 in 4 of blind and visually impaired people of working age not being in paid employment, I saw this as an opportunity to design an employability hub for those with impaired vision. It is a space that aims to nourish confidence, self-identity, independence and of course increase employment. I have designed this space through not only function, but form also; every element of design is considered though sensory experience.

Is it a case for systematic change.

Tags: Architecture, Employability, Interior, Non Visual, Sensory, Social Design, Tea Factory, Visual, Visually Impaired

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