Nicholas Elsdon

Master of Architecture MArch

Salubritas - favourable to or promoting health; healthful. 

Within the medical industry, data and artificial intelligence have aided medical professionals in further understanding the implications of certain illnesses and the effectiveness of medicines. They endeavour to predict, eradicate illness, and promote personal wellbeing through big medical data analysis of multiple data sets including quantified self, genomics and patient records.

Salubritas, located in an isolated Highland village of Kinlochbervie, is a rural centre of excellence for digital healthcare, wellness and preventative medicines. It is a multifaceted venture to strive to reverse the poor health, connectivity, economic trajectories, and ageing population present in this location of the Highlands. By inserting this new economic generator, (population 1,000) re-branding the location as being at the forefront of technological medical innovation and wellness, it is hoped that those within the village and surrounding villages will benefit. Furthermore, the knowledge cluster and its transient student population will diversify the demographics.

Tags: 3d Printing, Architecture, Data Centre, Health, Kinlochbervie, Landscape, Model, Monument, Research Labs, Revit, Rural, Scottish Highlands, Sectional Model, Structure, Student Living, University, Wellness

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