Nicole Jenkins

Interior Design

Interior design is all about creating new uses for existing spaces and allowing them to improve the lives of the users engaging with them. For me, design is about finding creative solutions to existing problems, big or small, and how thoughtful design can combat even the largest of society’s issues. I have engaged in social design lead projects such as mental health awareness, addiction and homeless issues In addition to traditional retail work. Being a designer, is about looking at the world through the eyes of everyone who uses it, not just yourself. It is about exciting bright new buildings and towering pieces of history. We all must consider and respect this beautiful environment and make it the best for everyone who is in it. That is what I have the privilege to do.  

Tags: Architect, Architecture, Buildings, Design, Designer, Floorplans, Graphic, Graphics, Health, Interior, Mental, People, Photoshop, Sketchup, Social, Vectorworks, Visuals

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