Olivia Cale

Textiles in Practice

I am a print designer specialising in digital print. My designs are a combination of hand drawn illustrations and graphic elements from photographs I have taken. Through my prints collections I enjoy investigating scale, textures and colour within pattern. My practice is influenced by nature and floral imagery mixed with urban structures and abstract mark making.

I focus on abstract marks and bold colour made up of hand painted elements and brushes in Photoshop. My prints mix layering and blending to create distorted and abstract imagery in both placement and repeat prints. The market level for my print designs ranges from high street to high-end fashion. I like the idea of my designs being worn every day by all ages and also having others that are more exclusive.

My goal after graduation is to work within the print design industry and explore fashion buying.

Tags: Abstract, Colour, Design, Digitalprint, Floral, Graffiti, Urban

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