Penelope Chrysostomou

Fine Art

I was born in 1995 in Larnaca, Cyprus and I have lived in Manchester, UK the last 4 years. I studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and I am now graduating at the age of 21. I graduated from Saint George Lyceum and I have taken GC A level exams in Fine Art with grade A*. I have also completed successfully BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

Inspiration for me can pop up at any time and place and I am not confined to one subject area but I prefer to use different type of techniques and subjects. My favourite medium is photography because I have the opportunity to capture scenes in specific time.  

My work is primarily the result of my need to express my thoughts and concerns; it is both a challenge and a passion. My ultimate goal was to transmit to the viewers my truth.

Tags: Cypriot, Flowers, Fruits, Modern Art, Nature, Objects, Photography, Still Life

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