Peter Chadwick

Three Dimensional Design

The main element of my work consists of a portion of history, a single slice of the past caught in the disguise of wood.

American pitch pine, a part of the red wood family over two hundred years old, was part of the male first class bath cubicles in a restored Victorian bath. It’s beautiful grain reminds me of the rippling reflections of the water.

Taking a piece of history and bringing it into reality has been a very rewarding challenge for me, working with something so long-standing as two-hundred-year old wood and trying not to destroy it in the process of making meant that I could not rush the development of the work.

My work entails of bringing a piece of history back into the present day, and to begin a new life as a contemporary piece of wearable art to adorn the body in the future. 

Tags: Brass, Design, History, Metal, Precious Metal, Sculpture, Semi Precious Stones, Silver, Wood

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