Sam Lander

Three Dimensional Design

This collection of work is trying to take away the stigma attached to concrete we have in Britain, as a cold, lifeless, brutal material used in construction. Expandable foam forces the concrete to become tactile and be more visually playful with the contrast of bright pink mixed in. I chose concrete for the material benefits this has in construction and envisioned these benefits could be transferred over into small scale design. The issue faced with concrete in furniture design is the weight. So to resolve this issue I created the process I named ‘Whirligig’, meaning rotary. This process uses central fugal force to produce a hollow concrete object. A mould is placed on the converted washing machine and then spun up forcing the concrete up the sides of the mould.  This process can be up scaled and a variety of different moulds used meaning the possibilities for concrete furniture are vast. 

Tags: Concrete, Expandable Foam, Machine, Process, Spun Concrete, Underated Materials, Whirligig Process

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