Samuel Stone

Master of Architecture MArch

“The process of place formation is a process of carving out ‘permanences’ from the flow of processes creating spatio-temporality’’
David Harvey, 1996

A series of urban moves sitting on the hillside forms stoppages along a new link from the centre of Lisbon to the Castle, this provides pause not only for vertical travel but also along the busy Costa do Castelo road in an attempt to slow down the routes transience and expose the natural drama of the districts topography.

Chapito’s Extension is molded sensitively from the stepped landscape of the site yet playfully formed massing hints towards the local circus school context. A new public route endeavors to soften the firm barriers between locals and tourists in the area by offering passers by glimpses into Mourarian life.

Tags: Brass, Carve, Craft, Drawing, Model, Pencil, Plaster, Representation

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