Siriol Hughes

Three Dimensional Design

Undulations (ymdoniadau) 

As a native of the striking and sublime Snowdonia landscape, I have a developed understanding of our experience of, and relationship with, nature. An essence of this interaction between man and landscape is what I have aimed to capture in this collection of table top objects, four vessels which sit on a CNC platter. Their functions are non-specific, and dependent on the user’s needs; however, I believe the collection’s most valuable and interesting asset is its visual quality. The shapes are informed by mapped terrains of the Snowdonia area, with the arabesque flow of a linear landscape reflected in the slip-cast forms and carved wood. Undulations from peak to valley translate into long vessels and deep basins. Dramatic forms within the landscapes are here domesticized, offering the home a functional piece. This piece goes further, providing a centrepiece packed with a theatrical essence of romantic and intense Snowdonia

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