Taryn Goulsbra

Three Dimensional Design

Taryn Goulsbra

Nothing is lost

A body of work to respectfully commemorate and remember those we have lost; reminding us nothing is past and they will live on in our memories.

Paper porcelain, oxide and glaze with bespoke digital transfers.

Displayed in four formats; open box frame, hand turned natural wood plinths, ceramic glazed pebbles and loose shards all open to touch.
The use of paper porcelain gives each piece the hint of the fragility of life. The torn edges of the shards represent our feelings when we start to understand they are no more, that they have been torn from us never to return.
Simple lines of text in lower case format adds essence to the child that is lost from within us.
Monotone images unfettered by colour or lustres underpins the sombre feelings of each piece being respectful of the theme behind this body of work. 

Tags: Bespoke, Ceramic, Commemorative, Porcelain, Shards

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